Design Procedure

Domain Order
Choose a domain name appropriate for a site design is very important. Proper use of skillful choice can be very influential in the community is your goal. It is suggested that the words used expressive and meaningful. Of brevity and to avoid unnecessary and meaningless use of the minimum number of characters.  Domain of the three letters are less dependent on global location have different suffixes. For example (.in) to India (.ir) to Iran (org.) Primarily for public structures (.com) domain which are also cross-border and international level will be introduced. It should be noted that the scope does not show no difference in terms of performance and are elected in proportion to the border and target market.
Host Order
.Is the same space that can be rented on the Internet platform. A kind of virtual property and be content with it, images and programs are implemented. Is a company that it covers, depending on the speed and security have been different and it should be extended on an annual basis to stay in your property.
Choise Template
Templates are available in two forms: 1. Draw the form of order 2. The use of semi-ready format. Web site suggests it take me to reach the desired one or more sites introduce similar graphic design to be considered the best offer for you.
Data Entry
Obviously, after the name of the site's content is in a special position. Site content directly in the user's mind the words of the site on the search engines is very sensitive and when the subject site to be determined. If the words are not used for the purposes of the same site. The site gives a much reduced level. If that is not prepared for this stage to keep redeemed web.
Project delivery
The last phase of the project, finalize the structure of the panel intended to come into force. Each site consists of several layers of security, primary and secondary programs consist .. redeemed website offer packages with support for the package contents of the site and increase search engine ranking of a website to deliver the topics delivered to you.
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Ashid web Service

  • shop
    Read more ... Shopping Cart
    Click Advertising
  • Booking & hotel
    Read more ... Connect to Mpaing , Event , Gallery
  • Company
    Read more ... Show Interduction
    Slide Show
    Input Team work
  • Personal
    Read more ... Show Biography
    Gallery Photo & video
  • Seo
    Read more ... High-ranking keywords
    It also increases the site's ranking in search engines such as
    Google, Bing, Msn,Yahoo
  • Digital Catalog
    Read more ... Environmental design and motion graphics
    Along with playing audio and video files
    With special features to introduce your products and services
  • Universtity & Schools
    Read more ... Design of sites for schools and universities
    With presentation and test grades online
  • News
    Read more ... Website design News
    Along with
    Special Features
  • Backup & Service
    Read more ... Updated core internal Web applications
    The security package installed to prevent cyber attacks
  • 3D Design
    Read more ... Character design for all products, along with interactive displays and chairs in the living spaces
  • Teaser & Clip
    Read more ...
    Design Animation to introduce our company and products to both
    Designing TV & Internet ads..
  • SMS Panel
    Read more ... System messages online with the ability to send unlimited SMS
    As well as receive SMS, send timing messages, sending Excel files and ...

Table Price Ashid web

Web Ashid general web design proposes three planes. You can choose one of the three planes of the proposed facilities used, or that the extension of the special form of the proposed facilities redeemed in addition to the benefit plan of their choice.

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  • Unlimited number of languages
  • Responsive(mobile View)
  • Support 12 months
  • Special graphics professional
  • Free education system
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  • limited number of languages
  • Responsive(mobile View)
  • Support 9 months
  • Special graphics
  • Free education system
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  • limited number of languages
  • Desktop View
  • Support 6 months
  • Special graphics
  • Free education system
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  • 1
  • View System
  • Support 3 months
  • graphics professional
  • Free education system

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